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'Cathedral Rock' 2018 Mountain Writing Competition. 



Ann free solos a climb she used to do with her dad in an effort to come to terms with the man he's become.

'Home Sweet Home' The Crow's Quill

March 2022, Horror/Fantasy

A young woman returns to her childhood home to find nothing is as it seems.

'Birthday Wishes' New Writing Scotland 39.

August 2021, Fantasy

Death ruined Mini's birthday, but then again, it did the same to everyone else in her town.

'Rewilding' Scotland After the Virus

2020, Fantasy


With people staying at home during lockdown, nature was given a chance 

to flourish. No one expected it would do the same for the Blue Men, 

Brownies, Cu Sith, and Trows.

'Woodbank House' Gilded Dirt #3: Vibrant Ruins. pp. 28-35.

2018, Non-Fiction

There is no better activity than ruin exploring after getting over the Flu.

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